Does Aromatherapy Help You Sleep Better?

aromatherapy sleep sprayIf you are struggling to fall asleep every night, you’re not alone. Many adults face difficulties in falling asleep and this can be due to stress, health or even emotional issues. Many have also tried resorting to all sorts of remedies such as taking a warm bath before bed or drinking warm milk before sleep. Some of them work while some don’t.

Well we have good news for you. The next time you find yourself having troubles getting some shut eye, try aromatherapy! The easiest way is to buy a lavendar pillow mist and spritz some on your pillow before going to bed. Another easy option is to use an essential oil diffuser or lighting scented candles in your bedroom. When it comes to candles, you have to be very careful and remember to blow it out before going to bed as you do not want your house to accidentally catch on fire.

So how exactly does aromatherapy work to improve your sleep? It works by getting into your respiratory track and soothing the muscles there so that you breathe better while you sleep. Aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years to improve sleep. It has also been proven to work for muscle ache and skin infections. The next time you’re at the store, remember to get a bottle! Your body will thank you for it.